The festival is located in the rooms of the CIRCULO. CIRCULO is the biggest dance school for Salsa cubana in Munich. Additionally, as a Salsateca, with legendary Salsa parties and a lot of Salsa live concerts, CIRCULO is an integral part of Munich’s Salsa scene.

CIRCULO’s located at the corner of Rosenheimerstrasse 139 and Friedenstraße in Munich. With its seven, highly equipped rooms, the academy is the perfect host of  all classes and parties that are part of the Festival Salsa Cubana.

The studio in the back has two dance rooms with a  bar area. Since the expansion in January 2007, we have 3 additional classrooms with an inviting bar area. And  NEW since October 2014, with the latest extension we have another 2 additional rooms with a bar area, which connects the two studios. Mobile walls seperate the single rooms from each other, but can be removed to form one big room for party and dancing. Premises with a very classy interior, a flexible stage excellent quality of light and sound prevent parties and training in a wonderful atmosphere.