Ricky & Nanda

Portrait Ricky and Nanda

Ricky Manuel
Rising star of bachata scene, one of the founders of Bachata Academy, one of the best guitarists and composers of Dominican Republic. Ricky starts playing with various musical bands of his hometown of Bonao. At the age of 20 he was noticed by the legend of bachata Ramon Cordero, who became his tutor in fine guitar fingerpicking techniques. During his career, Ricky has already worked with such popular traditional bachata singers as Joe Veras, Luis Vargas, Juan Bautista, but the most significant was the collaboration with Frank Reyes, in whose band he was a leading guitarist
In 2017 Ricky moved to Europe, and now he is a regular participant of the major European congresses, where he gives workshops about musicality and history of bachata. He also played with famous Grupo Extra as the first requinto of the band, and he participated in the last albums as a music arranger. He already have 3 singles that you can find in all major platforms.
Nanda was born in Chile, but all her life lives in Brussels (BE). She is one of the leading promoters of Dominican bachata in Europe and one of the most talented professional bachata instructors! For more than 15 years she has been traveling around the world and sharing her passion for Dominican culture.
Nanda Castillo
She has become one of the major figures of Bachata in Belgium and Europe and she is considered has one of the best Bachata teachers in the World! She collaborates with the Dream Project and the iASO Bachata Academy, the world’s first music program to focus on bachata, in Cabarete (Dominican Republic).She is regularly invited to international events to participate in conferences on the history of bachata and Dominican culture. She will share with you her passion and her unique style. Her pedagogy and dynamism are recognized all over the world. Her goal is to share her passion by offering her know-how with quality, generosity, authenticity and dynamism.


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