Jr & Gaetana

Portrait Jr & Gaetana

Junior was born in Santiago de Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. Growing up in the Dominican Republic, he was introduced to bachata from a very young age. He learned the dance with his aunties at family parties and never imagined that bachata would become a life passion. He moved to the Netherlands at the age of 16, but it wasn’t until 2017 that he started spreading the love for Dominican bachata in his city, Groningen. He was invited to perform on stage during the concert of the famous bachata singer Frank Reyes, together with his dance partner of the time. This event kickstarted his carrier internationally, and brought him to teach dominican bachata for the first time in Troyes, France. In 2019 he met his current dance partner, Gaetana.

Gaetana was born in Cilento, a region in the South of Italy. Despite her young age, she has already accumulated 22 years of experience in dancing. In 2000, at only 6 years old, she started dancing bachata in her hometown, performing for the first time in front of a public. Two years later she moved to the North of Italy and started studying Salsa on2. Since then, she has dedicated herself to the study of different dances, such as ballet and modern dance, tango argentino and latin hustle. She was a professional ballroom dancing competitor for over 10 years. She won the Italian Championship for 3 years in a row, and classified herself among the first 20 couples in Europe. In 2013 she quit ballroom and started studying Cuban Salsa, Son and Rumba in Naples. In 2016 she started getting closer to Dominican Bachata, but the lack of teacher in her area made it difficult for her to learn the dance. In 2019 Gaetana moved to Groningen, in the Netherlands, and met Junior. The inclination for couple dances, the body awareness and the experience that she had accumulated during years, made it possible for her to immediately pick up the essence of the dance.

Junior and Gaetana started dancing and teaching together at Bachata Tradicional in 2019, and little by little they found their way into the Dominican Bachata world. In 2020 they taught together for the first time at Dominican Swag Festival, and since the end of the pandemic they have been invited to teach dominican bachata to many events in the Netherlands, France, Spain and Germany. At the beginning of 2022 they went together to the Dominican Republic and studied different bachata styles, perfectioning their technique, their dancing and their teaching.



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