Roby & Aury

Portrait Roby & Aury

Roby y Aury are an Italian couple of Caribbean dancers, specialized in their style, Dominican Connection Style that they have created in 2018. They live and teach in different schools in the Milan area: Studio Gem Milano & MS Dance Factory. They have participated in various international and world famous congresses, spreading their style and their love for this great passion that they both have always had and that they have shared together. They have been trainers in Milan of Marco y Sara Couple and Lady Style Team Project for two seasons between 2017 and 2019. In 2019 they moved to Alicante for 8 months to recieve training professional formation from Ronald y Alba and work around Spain. During all over their career and experience they studied with a lot of teachers such as Ataca y La Alemana, Korke y Judith, Evelyn La Negra (diplomated as traditional teacher with her method), Gaby y Estefy, and more…



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